World News Update

New from Around the WorldIn order to remain an informed American citizen, you must keep yourself updated on news from around the world in addition to U.S. news. We have gathered a list of a few world news events that we believe are worthy of recognition:

  • Scotland is considering breaking a union of 300 years to become an independent country. Scotland’s separation from the United Kingdom poses unique exposures and risks on both sides of the spectrum. Scotland would be bold to step away and start a new country. Political leaders of the United Kingdom are hoping they are able to convince Scotland to stay.
  • Arizona is not the only place experiencing monsoon flooding and damages. Residents of Pakistan are still trying to seek dry shelter away from the water.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have recently announced that they will adding to the list of those in line to the throne, with their second baby announcement.
  • New reports have surfaced that the chemical weapons used in Syrian attacks earlier in 2014 were made of chlorine.
  • President Obama is attending a major NATO summit in Wales where he is joining forces with various leaders to find a strategy against ISIS threats. One thing that is for sure is that the U.S. military will be expanding their air campaign against the militant group because nobody is tolerating such evil.
  • We are finally seeing signs of improvement in the ozone layer, inching away from extreme depletion. While experts say it will take years before exposures in the ozone layer begin to shrink, thickening of the layer is the first good sign we have seen in years!

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