Goodbye Summer…Time To Winterize Your Toys!

Winterizing your Summer ToysIn a few weeks, the temperature outside will reach an annual low! There is no longer a use for our fun, summer toys such as JetSkis, WaveRunners, motorcycles, and boats! It is time to say goodbye to summer by officially storing these toys for the winter months. There is a right way and a wrong way to tuck your items away. Here are a few tips to ensure your summer toys are stowed correctly, and are ready to face the cold winter weather:

  • Make sure the oil and filters in your classic cars or motorcycles have been changed before you put them in storage.
  • Make sure to add a stabilizer into the gas tank.
  • Take the battery out before storage.
  • If you can, put the car or motorcycle up on a stand to relieve some of the pressure on the tires. If you do not have a stand, be sure to fill the tires with the appropriate amount of air.
  • Check that the coolant levels are where they should be.
  • Give your toy a good wash before storing it away.
  • Make sure to cover the exhaust pipe to prevent small critters from taking up residence inside.
  • Make sure your boat is stored with the stern down.
  • Every valve and drain in your boat should be open when you tuck it away for winter.
  • Completely empty the fresh water tank to prevent the growth of mold. Be sure to add antifreeze to the tank as well.
  • Take out any electronics or seat cushions, and store them in your home.
  • Purchase a few moisture absorbers to place in various locations throughout the cabin.

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