Whose car should your new driver drive?

Now that school is starting back up, many more students will be driving to and from school. Although you can’t watch your kids all the time, you can talk with them beforehand and establish ground rules for driving. The car or cars your child drives is really up to you. However, you should know some information about how auto insurance policies work before you allow them to drive someone else’s car or even yours.

In most states and for most policies, the auto insurance follows the car and not the driver. That means that if your child decides to drive a friend’s car or a roommate’s car, they may or may not be covered by that person’s auto insurance. The same goes if you let your kid drive your car and they then let a friend drive your car. If their friend happens to get into an accident, chances are they will be covered by your policy – but not always. If the damages exceed the amount on your policy, you may be able to use the driver’s insurance as a supplemental policy to yours to cover the damages.

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