When do you need commercial auto insurance?

Do you know when you need commercial auto insurance? Did you know that it is not just for companies with a fleet of company vehicles? Getting the proper insurance on your vehicles could save you lots of money; especially if you get into an incident with your vehicle where it is being used for commercial purposes. We are here to help you understand when you need commercial auto insurance.

  1. You will need commercial auto insurance if you are taking people, who are not family members, to and from a location and charge a fee.
  2. If you are taking any kind of merchandise like products or supplies and do this for a fee, you might need commercial insurance for your auto.
  3. If you let any employees of yours use your vehicle to do business errands or transport anything.
  4. If the vehicle you use is in the name of the business or partnership name.

These are just some of the situations that could constitute a need for commercial auto insurance. We are Pulp Street Corporation Insurance Agency and we proudly serve California. We would like to help you discover just what type of auto insurance is best for you and your situation. Contact us today for any questions you might have regarding any of your insurance needs.

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