8 World News Events You Should Know About

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesWith so many jaw dropping events in the news lately, you may find yourself unable to juggle all the information and choose which events are actually important. We have gathered a list of the 8 world news events you should be informed about in 2014.

  1. A married couple killed two police officers and one civilian in Las Vegas and shouted “revolution!” The incident was concluded with a murder suicide.
  2. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the overnight assault in a Pakistan airport, leaving 29 people dead. They claimed the attack was in response to a previous attack on an Islamist militant group by government forces.
  3. Hillary Clinton has decided to wait on another bid from the White House and plans to travel, sign books, and help in the midterm elections this fall.
  4. Rafael Nadal won the French Open, again.
  5. The new president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko has vowed to unify Ukraine.
  6. Homeland Security has taken a stance to improve living conditions for hundreds of immigrant children who have been left by their parents and put in a southern Arizona warehouse. Homeland Security provided the young immigrant children with mattresses, portable toilets, showers, and other necessary supplies.
  7. The families of those missing in the Malaysia Airlines tragedy have been raising money to start their own investigation to uncover the mysteries of the missing 239 passengers and the aircraft.
  8. The oldest man in the world died at 111 years old in New York this year. Alexander Imich fled his hometown in Poland after the Nazi invasion. He credits eating well, exercising as a young adult, and avoiding alcohol to his long life.

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