Moving Day: Gas or Electric?

If you’re looking at rental properties, you may find you have a choice of gas or electric appliances. The choice is yours

If you have a strong preference for gas over electric, or vice-versa, there’s no reason not to go with that choice. Gas and electric home appliances are safe and efficient. Of course, some people prefer the control they gain with gas burners on a stove. Others may choose the convenience of flicking an electric item off or on.

In terms of energy, electric appliances are fairly efficient, since they convert almost all the energy provided. Gas stoves, fireplaces and furnaces, on the other hand, tend to lose some energy through their chimneys or vents.

You may find that gas appliances cost a little more to purchase and install. On the other hand, gas prices tend to run lower than electrical costs. That cost advantage seems likely to continue as the U.S. has an abundance of natural gas supply.

After you’ve selected your appliance power source, Pulp Street Corporation can help you choose the right renters insurance coverage. To learn more about our services and your insurance options in California, contact us.

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