Top Smart Phone Apps for Productivity

Smartphone with appsYou’ve probably found yourself stuck in the airport or the doctor’s office trying to kill time on multiple occasions. How do you spend or waste that time? Rather than scrolling through your various social media accounts updating yourself on the lives of people you rarely see anymore, spend the time getting more organized. There are a variety of smart phone applications that can help you spend your idle time more wisely. Compiled is a list of 5 smart phone applications to encourage more effective time management skills:

  1. Dooo – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad friendly; this to-do-list application allows you to insert pictures, audio, and locations to your daily tasks. This application also allows you to organize your tasks based on highest to lowest priority.
  2. Remember the Milk – Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; this application will tag your reminders and update you on items you must not forget via email, text message, or instant messenger. The online version can be synced to your smart device.
  3. Daily Agenda – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad friendly; if you find trouble managing all of your tasks because they are spread across your Mac, Google, and MS Exchange calendars, this app is perfect for you because it will combine all your tasks into one simple to read application.
  4. Nudge – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad friendly; this application gives you a quick reminder pop-up for simple reminders such as pick up the mail or pay the utility bill.
  5. Concur – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible; this application allows you to ease expense reporting. You can take photographs of recipes, import credit card data, and more.

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