Protect Your Home From Bees and Beetles This Spring

As the warm weather arrives, tiny creatures hatch from countless eggs in the ground, grass and plants around the home exterior.  Preventing bees and beetles from entering the home does not require the services of an expensive exterminator.  Various home remedies are available to urge these critters to favor a neighbor’s yard over yours.

Bees Hate Marigolds

A healthy stand of marigolds in the flower garden closest to the house will repel bees.  Other flowers will attract the bees to you yard, which is important if you grow a garden.  Strategic placement of marigolds draws the bees away from doors and windows.  In addition, cloves can be used in potpourri in the kitchen and bedrooms to shoo bees away from people.

Wasps Are Territorial

A faux wasp nest can be created with a brown paper bag filled with crumpled plastic shopping bags.  Tie the bag closed with string and hang it from the eave or a branch.  Wasps will leave because they think another swarm has taken up residence.

Termites Hate Heat and Cold

Set an infested piece of furniture outside during the final spring freezes to rid the wood of termites.  A heater directed at an area inside the home will drive termites away.

Ants Hate Onions

A handful of chopped onions just outside the door will prevent ants from invading the house.  Bugs of most varieties will avoid onions.

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