Business Owner and Contractor Coverage Options

Insurance and risk on blue road signBusiness owners and contractors need insurance targeted to their needs, not just general liability coverage. Consider these options.

Business Owners

Smaller businesses must protect themselves for all the many risks they face. Sufficient liability insurance is a top requirement, since business owners often have little control over accidents that result in personal injury–or professional injuries, resulting in lost income by another.

In addition to general liability coverage, business owners typically need business personal property and lost income protection. If the owner or the business owns real property, you’ll also need building hazard insurance.


Independent contractors need the same coverage noted, but possibly additional protection. For example, contractor programs often include commercial vehicle insurance, as they frequently use their vehicles for work-related duties. Commercial vehicle insurance will cover your car, SUV, light truck or even so-called heavy trucks if used in your business.

A business owner’s policy (BOP) should provide a full menu of protection, to which you can add special coverage if you need it. If your services increase the number and type of risks you face, you can include additional protection for specific items and risks when you need it.

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