Are Your Boats and Jet Skis Ready for the Water?

As the California sun comes out, there’s nothing quite like heading out on the boat to enjoy the sea air, or zip through the waves on a jet ski. But you can’t just pull them out and go. You need to make sure that they are running safely and efficiently.

With both boats and jet skis a lot of the same things should be checked. Checking the fuel system is more than filling up. Hoses need to make sure they haven’t cracked during the colder months which could lead to leaks. Clamps should fit securely and ventilation systems should be functioning properly. For jet skis injection or crank case fluid also needs checking.

Electrical connections should also be clean and tight; a wire brush is helpful for this task. Charge the battery and make sure it can hold a charge before heading out on the water. If you aren’t positive, check with a qualified technician. Propellers and hulls need to be cleaned and inspected too, and you’ll need to make sure the drain plug is securely in place before you head out as well.

Once you’re confident your boats and jet skis are ready, you need to make sure you are. Going through your safety gear is a good first step. Make sure life jackets still fit properly. and have extras for passengers. You’ll also need to make sure your fire extinguisher is ready to go. The U.S. Coast Guard offers free inspections, so use them for another set of eyes.

When you’re out playing on the water, there’s one safety feature that isn’t part of your boat or jet ski or included among your gear. It’s your insurance policy. Life can change fast, and it’s possible that the boat or jet ski insurance you used last season might not offer the coverage you need or there may be a more affordable option available that wasn’t there before.  Pulp Street Corporation, an independent insurance agency with offices in Westminster and San Gabriel, California offers quotes on a variety of insurance services including auto insurance and related products like boat and jet ski insurance. To make sure you’re ready to soak up some summer fun without getting soaked contact Pulp Street Corporation today.

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