Ways To Dispose Of Your Home Renovation Waste

Ways to Dispose Home Renovation WasteA Few Ways To Dispose Of Renovation Waste

If you have been thinking about doing some work on your house, the summer is probably presenting the perfect opportunity to do just that. Life slows down a bit in the summer (at least compared to the holidays) and you may be swapping out some vacation time for some time to renovate your home.

Your home renovation will be exciting, and should not have to be tarnished by the renovation waste out front. To help, here are a few ways to dispose home renovation waste.

  • Give It Away. That is right, somebody might actually want the stuff you are tearing out of your house. If you deconstruct instead of demolish, you can take those usable materials and donate them to a social housing project (e.g. ReStore, which supports Habitat for Humanity). You can donate everything from working appliances and fixtures to old carpet to building materials. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  • Drop It Off Yourself. You can save yourself a pretty penny by dropping off your materials yourself. By hauling your waste to your local landfill or waste transfer station, you avoid costly transportation fees.
  • Hire A Pro. Of course, you may find you are tired after all of your work improving your home and simply do not want to deal with your waste removal. Your normal garbage collection service, a collapsible trash bin, or renovation waste removal company could all help handle the project.

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