6 Tips To Revive The Speed Of Your Old Electronics!

Ways to bring your electronics up to speedDo you have a few older electronics that you still use fairly frequently? If so, depending on their age, they are probably beginning to slow down. If they are still in full working order, there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on replacements! However, slow tech gadgets can cause quite a headache for even the most patient individuals. Here are a few simple tips for bringing your old electronics back up to a useful speed:

  • Mac owners should try to clean up their icons. Keeping files in different folders helps your computer to work less each time you try to open them.
  • Every time you sync your iPhone to your Mac, your computer saves a backup. Over time, you will accumulate many old backups that you no longer need. Go into iTunes, and delete any old or unused backups to free up space.
  • Adjust your start up settings so that no programs open automatically when you turn on your computer. This will stop unnecessary apps from running when they are not in use, and draining your battery.
  • PC owners can destroy junk files that you no longer need by running a CCleaner program. This will toss out any unneeded versions of files your computer has decided to save.
  • To get rid of viruses, you should download malware software. This will protect your computer against viruses that could make your computer painfully slow.
  • If your Internet has been fairly slow, and your computer does not seem to be the problem, you should look into your Internet provider. Sppedtest.net is a site you can use to make sure your provider is providing Internet that is as fast as it should be.

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