Surviving The Drought in California

California is trying to save something valuable: water.Surviving The Drought in California

While California has announced that it is in a severe drought, the locals, homeowners, and businesses are looking for ways to reduce their water intake so that there is an increased effort of conserving water.

There are plenty of simple things that you can do to help to conserve water and protect your home in the driest of conditions.

Use these water-saving tactics for your home in California:

  • Outdoor Savings
    Start simply in the front and back garden: do not water your lawn. Opt for drought-tolerant, native, less-thirsty grasses, trees, and plants to save water when weekly watering (with a watering can to control the water).
  • Look for Leaks
    Take a reading of water meter, wait one hour without using any water, then see if the meter reading has changed. If it has, you’ve probably got a leak. Look for these leaks to seal up and save your intake of water and your monthly bill.
  • Adapt Your Bathroom Routine
    While you’re in the shower, turn the shower off why you lather up, shampoo, condition, then turn it back on to rinse off. Additionally, it’s always good to check your toilet for leaks and fortunately, these are usually an easy fix!
  • Prep Your Home
    During droughts, wild fires can spark spontaneously due to the dry conditions of the land. To reduce the possibility of this happening, clear the dead, dying and dry trees, brush, and plants from around your home. Homeowners should also be wary of flash floods that occur when the winter rains do come, so keep gutters and drains clear of any debris.
  • Review Homeowners Insurance
    Be sure that your home and belongings are protected during the event of peril such as fire, theft, or natural disaster.

Protect your home throughout the drought with preparation and quality home insurance that will serve you during your time of need. Contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency for all of your home and auto insurance needs in San Gabriel, Westminster, and the surrounding areas in California.

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