The 411 On Workers Comp Insurance

If you run a business, then there is a good chance that you need to have a workers compensation insurance policy. Commonly known as just "workers comp," the policy covers any lost wages and medical costs for employees who get ill or injured on the job. This type of policy also offers liability coverage in case the business gets sued by an employee who feels that an illness or injury is related to workplace conditions.

Do You Need Workers Comp Insurance?

Most states require that businesses with employees obtain a valid workers comp policy. The state law protects employees by ensuring payment for workplace related illnesses and injuries.

Coverage Basics

A workers comp policy focuses coverage on injuries and illnesses that happen at the workplace as a part of regular duties. This includes things such as getting injured when slipping on a wet floor, fires, and getting hurt when using heavy equipment. Coverage is only extended to activities that are part of the normal employment scope and getting injured on a break is not covered.

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