Assess Your Home Fire Risk

Fire Risk & Homeowners Insurance Westminster CA

Stamp out the risk of fire in your Westminster, CA home. Home fires occur more often than we’d like, and they can leave a path of destruction in the home and in natural land. The best way to protect yourself and your home against the risk of fire is to prepare and take precautions. Identify fire hazards and take action as necessary: Keep a fire extinguisher charged and within easy reach, especially to the kitchen and garage. Inspect electrical cords to see if they’re frayed. Ensure Read More

Natural Disasters & Earthquake Preparedness

Natural Disasters & Earthquake Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for an unexpected earthquake in San Gabriel, CA. Earthquakes happen most frequently on the western coast of the United States, which means that California is a prime suspect of suffering from these natural disasters. Whilst technology has advanced tremendously, the tectonic plates are known to shift at any time, resulting in earthquakes from minor to catastrophic damages. Learn to protect yourself, family, and home during these shaky times: Before: Secure Read More

What Can Home Insurance Cover?

Insurance Coverage San Gabriel CA

When purchasing or reviewing your homeowners insurance policy, note what it can and cannot cover. Home insurance can protect your home, building, and belongings in the event of a peril that is listed on your policy. This prevents you from being financially strained from rebuilding your home and replacing your losses. Below is what a standard homeowners insurance policy can and cannot protect. Natural Disasters Typically, homeowners insurance provides broad coverage for damage caused by Read More

Prepare Your Home for El Niño

El Nino & Homeowners Insurance San Gabriel CA

The impending El Niño could cause destruction to your home if it’s not protected. Earlier this year, scientists predicted that there was a 90 percent chance of El Niño weather to come into effect late 2015, early 2016. This year’s particularly hot and dry summer in California has lead to stronger beliefs that the winter will be the exact opposite. The last time El Niño events were recorded was in 1997 in which powerful storms caused roads to be washed away, railroad tracks to be flooded, Read More

Clever Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners: We Have The Best Cleaning Tips For You! Cleaning your home can feel a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Is it going to take you all day? Thoughts like this might keep you from doing more than the basic vacuuming, leaving your home looking a little lackluster. To help you get your house spick and span in no time at all, here are a few of the best cleaning tips for homeowners. Make A Schedule: Organizing yourself before you organize your home is a great way to motivate Read More

What To Do If A Thief Breaks Into Your Home

What to do if your home is broken into

What To Do If Your Home Is Broken Into Your home is your haven from the world. As a result, coming home to find a thief has broken in is scary on physical and emotional levels. Fortunately, by responding to the situation in the right way, you make it easier for you to restore your quality of life and your peace of mind. So you are not left wondering what to do if your home is broken into, here is a quick guide of your first steps. Call The Cops: Call your local police department right Read More

Ways To Dispose Of Your Home Renovation Waste

Ways to Dispose Home Renovation Waste

A Few Ways To Dispose Of Renovation Waste If you have been thinking about doing some work on your house, the summer is probably presenting the perfect opportunity to do just that. Life slows down a bit in the summer (at least compared to the holidays) and you may be swapping out some vacation time for some time to renovate your home. Your home renovation will be exciting, and should not have to be tarnished by the renovation waste out front. To help, here are a few ways to dispose home Read More

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