Cross The Bridge in Gap Insurance

Types of Coverage & Auto Insurance Westminster CA

Gap insurance for cars could save you money in Westminster, CA. If you buy a new or lightly used vehicle that is stolen or totaled within a year or two of buying it, you may be stuck paying the rest of the total of what is owed on the car. Gap insurance, otherwise known as guaranteed auto protection insurance, is designed to cover the difference between your car’s depreciated value and what you owe on your auto loan. Gap insurance is designed for those who have purchased a new vehicle, or a Read More

Optimize Your Life Insurance Policy

Planning & Life Insurance Westminster CA

You can ensure that the money that you leave behind lasts. The first step to ensure that you leave a sufficient amount of money for your loved ones is to review your life insurance policy. You should review it annually or after a major life event such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, or job loss to make sure that you have enough coverage for your circumstance. If you are unsure about the amount of coverage that you should have, you can talk to your insurance professional who can supply Read More

What to Do When Your Car Has Been Stolen

Stolen Car & Auto Insurance Westminster CA

Car theft is an unpleasant experience so these steps walk you through the process of handling it. Once every forty-four seconds, a car is stolen within the United States. With that frightening statistic, it’s important to know how to handle the situation, should you ever be a victim of vehicle theft. Consider If It Was Stolen Reduce the onset of panic by thinking for a minute before reporting your car stolen. Your car may have been towed if you were parked in a ‘No Parking’ zone, it could Read More

Safe Driving Tips For The Back-to-School Season

Safe Driving Tips for Back-to-School

During the back-to-school season there will be busy roads by the school, playground, and residential areas. It’s that time of year when schools will be bustling with children, parents, and teachers, the yellow school buses will be abundant on the roads, and young children will be walking to and from school. With more people on the roads and in their cars, it’s important to take extra precaution when driving around school areas! Motorists can prepare for the back-to-school season with these Read More

Protect Yourself Against Uninsured Drivers

auto insurance westminster ca

Does Your Insurance Policy Offer Coverage If The Other Party Is Underinsured? According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly one in seven drivers on the road today are uninsured. When you factor in the number of people on the roadways carrying only the state-mandated bodily injury liability coverage, it is not surprising that the odds of getting into an accident with someone who is uninsured or underinsured are high. If you get into a traffic accident and the other party is at fault, Read More

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