Making A Grill Master Out Of Your Little One

Summer Campfire Cookouts for KidsSummer Cooking Lessons For Children

Summer break is finally here which means it is time to enjoy all of your favorite summer activities. Whether you have a little soccer pro on your hands or a Picasso, it is important that you introduce new skills and habits into your child’s life on a regular basis. One important skill that is not taught in school or practiced much throughout a child’s lifetime without your help is cooking.

Teaching your little one to cook now and implement safe practices today can instill safe habits that they will carry with them throughout their lifetime. Rather than making this seem like a daunting chore, make it a summer campfire cookout!

Tips for Summer Campfire Cookouts for Kids:

  • Pick a recipe that is easy to remember and easy to follow. You will want to find a recipe that incorporates all of the basic measurements so that they can practice. Also, choose a dish that will be just as rewarding to make as it is to indulge on.
  • If they only leave with one rule remembered, make it the hand washing rule. Many parents have found the most success by assigning a particular song to hand washing time to ensure that they do not skip out on some vital scrubbing.
  • Food safety depends on temperature. Therefore, explain to your little one the importance of cooking all meat at the proper temperature. Let them know about the dangers associated with uncooked chicken so that they can understand the importance of safe food handling.
  • During each of their cooking lessons, be sure to stress the importance of cleaning up after themselves to leave a clean canvas for the next grill master. Instilling this practice now will ensure that you have a clean cooker on your hands in the future.

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