Why Do I Need An Umbrella Insurance Policy?

San Gabriel Umbrella InsuranceDespite popular belief, most individuals would benefit from an umbrella insurance policy. Rather than simply viewing the insurance product as an extra expense, think of it as an umbrella. Your umbrella insurance policy will offer you an extra layer of protection on a rainy day. Without an umbrella insurance policy, you leave your assets vulnerable, and you run the risk of facing financial hardship. Your umbrella insurance policy will kick in when coverage of your standard policies are exhausted. Compiled are 4 unfortunately common scenarios that would benefit from the coverage of an umbrella insurance policy:

  • While determining who is at fault for an accident involving two cars can sometimes be difficult, imagine an accident involving multiple cars. Often, there are extreme gaps in coverage when you are in an accident involving multiple cars. If you end up being found at fault for the accident, you may need to dig into your pocket in order to pay for the medical expenses of each driver and passenger, and the physical damages of each vehicle.
  • If you have a swimming pool, trampoline, or any other risky equipment in your backyard, you run the risk of being sued after an accident. If one of your son’s friends are injured on your playground equipment, you will be handed the medical bills and may even face legal fees.
  • As a landlord, you are always at risk for a possible lawsuit. While your landlord insurance policy will offer you protection, the extra layer of protection offered by an umbrella insurance policy will limit your risks.
  • No matter how friendly your dog may be, they may decide to bite someone if they feel that they or their owner is under attack. Dog-bite liability claims are one of the most expensive homeowner claims. More often than not, dog-bite liability claims end in hefty medical expenses and legal fees.

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