Safe Driving Tips For The Back-to-School Season

Safe Driving Tips for Back-to-SchoolDuring the back-to-school season there will be busy roads by the school, playground, and residential areas.

It’s that time of year when schools will be bustling with children, parents, and teachers, the yellow school buses will be abundant on the roads, and young children will be walking to and from school. With more people on the roads and in their cars, it’s important to take extra precaution when driving around school areas!

Motorists can prepare for the back-to-school season with these simple safety tips:

  • Slow Down
    The speed limit in most school zones is 25 mph, but be prepared to drive slower than this and to stop suddenly. Young children may forget to look both ways when crossing the road or balls may bounce into the road.
  • Give Way to School Busses
    Never pass a school bus while its lights are flashing as children are entering or exiting the bus. Motorists should pay attention to the lights on the bus as well as leave them enough room as they stop suddenly.
  • Be Alert
    Never text or call whilst driving, and pay attention to children trying to cross the street. It’s important to never assume that they have seen you and will stop, so keep your eyes out for children darting into the street unexpectedly.
  • Share the Road With Bicycles
    Many children bike to school and may be inexperienced or unsteady, so ensure that you slow down and leave enough room for them on the road.
  • Be Patient with New Drivers
    Many teenagers will be on the road, driving to and from school. While learning to drive, teenagers may make unexpected maneuvers. Practice your defensive driving techniques when around schools and freeway ramps.

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