Safe Drivers; Safe Vehicles

While your teen might be so excited to own his very own car, you are terrified of this big step.  Ensuring your teen’s safety on the road starts with ensuring that he is driving a safe vehicle.  Here are some tips to help ease your anxiety about this important choice.

Pick a mid-range vehicle.  The size of the car definitely counts in terms of safety; you don’t want something so large that it’s unwieldy or encourages risky driving, but you don’t want something so small that it’s squirrely.

Get familiar with safety ratings.  There are many reliable resources for this (including; check out how vehicles are rated and the ratings of the specific vehicles you are looking at.

Ensure that your teen’s vehicle is equipped with side airbags, anti-lock braking, seat belt reminders, and electronic stability.

Remember that older vehicles tend to come equipped with fewer safety features, so consider buying new (or newly used).

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