What You Need To Know About Commercial Leases

Business buildingAre you one of the many business professionals who is considering renting a commercial space to conduct business operations? If so, it is important that you inform yourself of everything there is to know about commercial leases. The last thing you want is for your small business to suffer financial ruin due to terms of the commercial lease. Allow these helpful points of guidance to assist in your decision making when renting commercial property:

  • Despite common belief, there is a big difference between commercial leases and residential leases. Just because you have dealt with a residential lease does not mean you are prepared to work with a commercial lease.
  • Unlike residential leases, there are no consumer protection laws when it comes to commercial leases. Rather than enforcing privacy regulations and caps on security deposits, there is complete freedom. Therefore, it is important that you protect your own assets.
  • Additionally, commercial leases differ from residential leases in that there is no standardized form. Commercial leases are like insurance policies in that they are completely customized to meet the unique needs of the individual. Therefore, your commercial lease will best suit the needs of your landlord. Never agree to the terms of a commercial lease before reading every single word.
  • Since you put a lot of your business’ assets towards a commercial lease, it is important to know that this legally binding contract cannot be altered or cancelled easily. Commercial leases are long term, legally binding contracts.
  • A major benefit of commercial leases is the flexibility involved. As previously mentioned, commercial leases are completely customized. Therefore, you and your landlord can discus certain negotiations before making any final agreements.

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