Safeguarding Your Cell Phone

How to Prevent your Phone from Being HackedWith recent headlines showing how easy it is for your personal information to be leaked, it is becoming increasingly more important that we do what we can to safeguard our identities. Many individuals forget exactly how much personal data can be found on their cell phones. Recent invasion of privacy headlines are stressing the importance of being diligent in preventing these hackers from invading. Gathered are some helpful tips to prevent hacking and limit your cyber risk:

  • We are not suggesting that you become paranoid, rather, we are suggesting that you become more diligent in your phone security habits. You should have a password on your phone and do not share it with anyone. It is important that you have a password so that a criminal cannot use your phone if they find it.
  • Do not write down any passwords to any accounts on your phone. While this may be tempting since it will be most convenient for you when you are logging onto different accounts while at work, it is dangerous. If someone finds your phone or hacks into it, they will have the personal data to all of your accounts.
  • Many individuals who have automatic Bluetooth setups in their cars forget to disable Bluetooth once they are out of their vehicle. Hackers can wirelessly invade your phone through Bluetooth.
  • It is important that you never accept or open any suspicious files, text messages, or emails.
  • Most importantly, refrain from sharing any sensitive personal information on social media. This will not only secure your personal information, but it will limit dangerous risks in general. Imagine what a criminal could do with your location information that you just posted on Instagram when uploading a picture of your favorite meal?

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