Preparing your watercraft for fall and winter

After a fun summer of boating or using your jet ski, the last thing you want to think about is a few months of cooler temps that keep you off the water! Luckily, the off-season is shorter in this part of the country so you will be back in the water before you know it. If you want to minimize your downtime next spring, follow these steps to prepare your watercraft for the offseason.

  • Clean the outside of your boat and make sure there is no saltwater on it. Saltwater can damage your paint job when it is left for an extended period of time.

  • Check your owner’s manual and find out if you should store your watercraft with or without gasoline in the tank. This can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

  • Take care of maintenance and repairs now. There is likely to be less of a wait at the repair shop so you won’t miss out on those fun weekends when spring arrives.

Preparing your watercraft for fall and winter is just the first step in protecting yourself this year. If you are in or around Westminster, California, contact Pulp Street Corporation today and let us help make sure you have the right boat insurance and allow us to work with you for all your insurance needs.

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