Prepping Your Pool For Summer

Preparing your Pool & Homeowners Insurance Westminster CAGetting Ready For The Warmer Weather

You love having a pool. It allows you the freedom to have a mini vacation in your own backyard, getting away from it all with a dip in its waters. It offers endless fun to your kids, and incentive for your friends to come over. Consequently, as the weather warms you are probably more than ready to whip off your cover and dive in! Not so fast. Here are a few crucial to-dos when preparing your pool.

  • First things first, check your filtration system and your pump. If they are working well, run your circulation system for at least eight hours. While that is happening, clean any debris off of your pool cover. Then, test the water’s pH and add chemicals as necessary. Give your pool water a few days to clear, cleaning your filter every day as it does so. Once that is done, pull off that cover!
  • Before you let people dive in, check that your handrails and ladders are all solid. Make sure you have floatation devices to help a swimmer in trouble, and keep a first aid kit poolside. Test that your fence around your pool does not have any gaps. Remember, if someone—even a trespasser—get injured in your pool, you could be held liable if your gate is not sturdy and six feet high.
  • Finally, review your homeowners insurance to ensure you have enough coverage for a poolside accident. Ask your insurance agent if you should increase your liability limits to better protect yourself.

After you put in all this work, you just want to get in the water! Is your insurance agent making your coverage review quick and easy? For great service this summer and beyond, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency. We are dedicated to protecting families in San Gabriel, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and all of California and will ensure you have the right homeowners insurance to be ready for the summer season.

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