How To Avoid Pothole Damage

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As a California motorist, you and your precious ride are no stranger to potholes. Unfortunately, even if each and every one of us were to report every pothole we see it seems as if another one is appearing just on the other side of the street. Pothole damage is notoriously costly, so taking proactive measures to avoid potholes is the way to go. While it may be impossible to avoid each pothole you come across, following these important safety tips can help you prevent pothole damage.

Helpful Tips For Preventing Pothole Damage:

  • Follow others’ good deeds and be a responsible citizen! You can start receiving alerts of pothole reports and inform others of potholes you come across by utilizing the Waze app. This new app allows you to anticipate potholes on your daily routes. Waze also has the ability to let you know of upcoming traffic jams so that you can take the less congested route.
  • Whenever you are exceeding the speed limit, you are making the roads a more dangerous place. You must reduce your speed to avoid a pothole. Despite common motorist mistake, speeding through a pothole is not going to help you avoid damage. In reality, your car will likely suffer more damages if you speed through.
  • Tailgating should also be avoided, as it is impossible to prevent pothole damage if you are trailing so closely behind another car that you cannot safely maneuver away from a pothole.
  • If all else fails and you end up colliding with a pothole, the first thing to do is pull over and check a few things out. You will want to make sure that your tires, alignment, and suspension were not negatively affected by the pothole.

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