Pool Safety Still Needs To Be A Priority At The End Of Summer

The end of summer has arrived as kids are heading back to school. As parents everywhere breath a sigh of relief, they may start to relax and put their guard down.

Yet parents need to be aware that even at the end of summer, pools can still pose a danger to children who want to take a quick dip in the cool water after school. Make pool safety a priority all year round.

– If the pool will no longer be in use, place on the appropriate pool cover and lock gates so children cannot get to the water.

– If you will still be using the pool, always have an adult outside to supervise the children.

– Have the appropriate water safety gear available such as life vests and life preservers.

– Keep children hydrated in the late summer heat. Many parents forget about the risks of dehydration since their children are splashing around in water. But playing in water is different than drinking it. Place a cooler with bottled water nearby.

– Be the proper pool role model. When kids see parents acting wild in the pool, the children will imitate this behavior to dire consequences. When you act responsible in the pool, children will follow your lead and do the same.

For more information about pool safety, please contact Pulp Street Corporation at 888-Pulpstreet (785-778-7338).

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