Plan a Business Move Carefully

Moving a business is a bit more complicated than just packing everything up in boxes and transporting them. There’s a lot of preplanning involved to make sure a company doesn’t inadvertently lose customers and contacts. Pre-planning often involves three key factors for a successful relocation:

  • Is there a sufficient budget to support a move? Just because a new location may seem attractive for six months doesn’t mean it may be affordable for the next three years in a firm lease. A company needs to budget out the full exposure of a relocation versus a current spot before jumping.
  • Is the new location a good one for customers? If the new destination is in a bad neighborhood or hard to access, customers are going to be lost in the move. A company has to weigh in how well the new location works for its business ahead of time.
  • Has the move been completely planned out? Who’s taking care of the computers? What should be done with all the paper archive files? Who’s arranging transport? All these details should be mapped out before any activity takes place. Otherwise a move will turn into a headache.

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