Owning A Pet May Cost More Than You Expect

When you see that adorable little face staring back you, it is difficult to fully consider the costs associated with owning a pet. Those costs are often higher than expected, which makes it a good idea to familiarize yourself with the true cost of owning a furry friend.

Some expenses are those that you expect, such as pet food and pet toys. You likely even plan for items like leashes, obedience school, doggy daycare and vaccinations with the local veterinarian.

Like humans, pets get sick and need emergency care sometimes. This is not something that many pet owners plan for in advance. The truth is that animals get cancer, broken bones and a variety of other health issues as they age. Fortunately, some insurance covers these expenses, otherwise you are left with large pet health bills.

Preventative care is another unexpected cost when it comes to owning a pet. Just like with a car, preventing pet health problems saves you money down the road.

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