10 Tips for the Perfect Staycation

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Whether you just don’t’ have the time or don’t want to “waste” the money, a staycation is the perfect alternative for an expensive vacation away from home. Your family will benefit from the bonding experience no matter what city you decide to have your down time in. Try these 10 helpful tips to ensure a memorable staycation:

  1. Planning is key – Make a list of all interesting activities near your neighborhood. If you start this at the beginning of the year you’ll be able to flip through easily and decide where to go. Having options for local destinations and activities will help make the decision process easier.
  2. Local Resources – Some enjoy following local sites on Facebook and Twitter so they can be updated with any local events immediately.
  3. Double Family? – Consider grouping up with another family and enjoying your staycation together. You can save on gas and the kids will be able to entertain each other.
  4. Budgeting – Set a specific dollar amount you are willing to spend each day and check admission costs before departing. There are a variety of free entertainment opportunities you can find in your local area.
  5. Weather – Check the weather before you head out and get stuck inside.
  6. Yes – If you have a tendency to say no to most of your child’s requests, try saying yes for a change. Saying yes more, within reason of course, will make the staycation more exciting for your kids.
  7. Ice Cream – Ice cream is an absolute necessity of any vacation. Summer vacations are lacking some foundation if there is no ice cream.
  8. Mix it up! – Change up your routine and let the kids break some of the rules for once. Get rid of the bedtime for the staycation and let them watch a movie while eating dinner, instead of at the dinner table.
  9. Get crazy! – Be silly for once and let the child inside come out to play!
  10. Reward yourself – Planning a staycation can be as overwhelming as planning a vacation out of the state. Be sure to reward yourself with your favorite food, beverage, or maybe even a well-deserved massage.

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