Protection For the Future Through Life Insurance

Life Insurance Westminster CAWhile you may be inclined to view your homeowners insurance and commercial insurance policies as your most important investments, life insurance is a policy you simply cannot afford to go without. Whether you are just jumpstarting your career or are ready to start planning your retirement, your loved ones and your assets deserve the protection a life insurance policy provides.

With so many different types of life insurance policies, many are unsure of when they should buy life insurance. A safe rule of thumb goes for whenever you start earning sufficient funds and someone depends on you financially for survival.

Since there are two main types of life insurance policies, you may be unsure of which one is best for you. Term life insurance policies are designed to provide temporary coverage for a determined period of time and typically cost less because they do not accumulate cash value over the years. Someone may choose to purchase a term life insurance policy because they want to make sure that their child gets to graduate college without having to worry financially. This policy can be purchased anywhere from 5, 10, to even 40 years. Coverage will cease when the policy expires.

In contrast, a whole life insurance policy provides an individual and their family with a lifetime of coverage. You can expect this policy to accrue cash value over the years and provide you with unique investment opportunities. These policies are intended to meet the long-term financial goals of individuals and families. Your decision between a term life insurance policy and a whole life insurance policy will be directly dependent on your exclusive needs.

Serving San Gabriel, Westminster, and all of California, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency for all of your life insurance needs. Your future deserves the security a life insurance policy provides. Allow us to safeguard your future to the fullest!

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