Can We Guess Why You Have Not Bought Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Costs San Gabriel CAThe Top Reason For Skipping Coverage

You know that life insurance would benefit your family, and would probably even provide you a little peace of mind. Certainly, you would love to know the kids’ college educations and the mortgage could be easily handled by your family if you were no longer with them. That does not mean, however, that you do not have a budget to worry about today.

Which leads us to the #1 reason people skip on life insurance: the price. Many Americans are forgoing this type of coverage because of their perception of life insurance costs. What we would like to point out, though, is that when polled, four out of five people overestimate the cost of coverage.

A 2015 Insurance Barometer Study revealed that when asked what a healthy 30-year-old would pay for a 20-year $250,000 term policy, the majority of people guessed $400 a year. One in four people had an even more inflated perception of the cost, estimating that coverage would cost $1,000 or more a year! Interestingly, people under 25, who generally pay the least for life insurance, said they expected the policy would cost $600 a year.

In fact, on average that kind of protection would cost just $160 a year. Break that down, and you find that is just $13 a month. That means that you can get great protection for your family for around the cost of one 3D movie ticket a year!

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