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Learning to Drive & Auto Insurance Westminster CAA Quick Guide To Learning About Driving & Westminster, CA Auto Insurance

Do you remember when you first sat in the driver’s seat? You were probably extremely nervous and extremely excited, and your teen will feel all of the same emotions when you hand him or her the keys.

Set your teen driver up for success by using this guide to learning to drive & carry Westminster, CA auto insurance.   

  • Start Small: Your teen will be completely petrified if you start him or her on a busy street. Instead, start small when teaching your teen to drive. Look for an abandoned parking lot or a rural road where your teen can practice with low pressure.
  • Rev Up: Once your teen has his or her learner’s permit, he or she will likely be itching to tackle important stretches of road like the ones to the mall, a friend’s house, or the movie theater. These drives with defined destinations are great practice as long as you can steer clear of highways.
  • Pedal To The Metal: Just kidding! You should take your teen on a highway as soon as he or she can handle regular street traffic, though. Make sure you stay calm and verbally guide your teen through the process of merging into the closest lane then getting off at the next exit.

One of the most important things you can teach your teen is the importance of Westminster, CA auto insurance; it can help protect him or her against a financial burden your teen would likely be unable to shoulder (and you do not want to get stuck with!) To set up a meeting with an insurance expert who can teach your teen about the coverage he or she needs, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency. We are here to set your teen up with the perfect auto insurance policy to safeguard driving in San Gabriel, Westminster, California, and beyond!

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