Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Landscaping Tips for HomeownersHow Landscaping Can Protect Your Home

As a homeowner, it is important that you are diligent in your landscaping. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that landscaping can actually help to keep your home safe from a variety of common perils. Gathered are some helpful landscaping tips for homeowners so that you can keep your most important investment safe:

  • Did you know that proper landscaping can help to reduce air conditioning costs as your home will be kept cooler with shade? Many homeowners feel such a big difference that they barely use their air conditioners during the summer at all.
  • Proper landscaping can also help to reduce wildfire threats, as long as you maintain a 30 foot buffer zone. Take some time to research which plants are native to your area and choose the most fire-resistant plants.
  • Proper grading can help to keep water away from the foundation of your home. By planting grasses, flowers, and plants close to your house, you can help to avoid excessive water as the plants will drink it all up.
  • You can also utilize landscaping methods in blocking cold wind by planting a windbreak. This can help to save a substantial amount on winter energy bills, as you will not have to use your heating as much.
  • Most importantly, proper landscaping can help to deter criminals from your home. When your landscaping is well planned and tidy, burglars have less room to hide from onlookers. This debunks the myth that having overgrown landscaping will protect your house, as your shrubbery that is covering half of your window actually gives the burglar a safe place to take their time entering your home.

We hope these helpful landscaping tips help keep your home safe! Serving San Gabriel, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and surrounding Southern California areas, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency for all of your homeowner’s insurance needs.

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