Kitchen Gadgets That Reduce Waste

Kitchen Gadgets That Reduce WasteCheck Out These Nifty Products!

Did you know that your kitchen appliances may be producing an unnecessary amount of waste? Fortunately, there are a few new kitchen gadgets that reduce waste that we highly recommend you opting for. Try these nifty devices out to start making the world a better place:

  • Citrus Sprayer, Lekue – This life changing gadget costs $15 for a set of two, and avoids the need for squeezing citrus fruits and having to deal with seeds. This device is perfect for spritzing your favorite citruses on salads, vegetables, and seafood!
  • Barista Milk Frother, Bonjour – For $20, you can treat yourself to a delicious coffee drink with the perfect amount of milky froth.
  • FM2100 Series Vacuum Sealer – When it comes to reducing waste, this $120 gadget is the answer! No longer will you have to toss frozen food items that have spoiled due to poor packaging, as this device vacuum seals all of your berries, beans, meat, and anything else you can think of!
  • Buttercup, Chef’n – For $15, you can make your own homemade butter without having to take out the ceramic crock pot. Simply use this device and add heavy whipping cream for freshly made butter that does not spoil fast. You can also put a spin on butter by adding garlic, honey, or cinnamon sugar!
  • Scrub Daddy – For $4, you can eradicate unnecessary germs on your sponge. This magic sponge turns soft in warm water and rigid in cold water. However, the magical part is that these sponges completely dry in two hours, eliminating odors and bacteria.
  • (Re)Zip Seal Starter Kit, Blue Avocado – By purchasing this product, you can save hundreds a year! For $30, you receive five pieces of reusable bags that are freezer friendly and can easily be hand washed.

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