How do I complete a home inventory?

When it comes to doing a home inventory, most people usually don’t realize how important one is. Your homeowners insurance policy probably gives you some protections against theft, but without a current inventory, how can you show that this TV or that game system needs to be replaced?

A home inventory has to be complete and, in order for your belongings to be properly covered, a copy has to be given to your insurance agent. Not only will this show what has to be covered but it also gives the agent a way to properly evaluate what your insurance policies are covering. A proper inventory not only includes brand names and descriptions but serial numbers (if available) as well. This gives law enforcement a way to identify your property if it turns up at a pawn shop or other business.

In order to do a complete inventory, check with an insurance agent like Pulp Street Corporation to make sure you have everything listed. If you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, they’re the best to go to when making sure your policies are up to date and properly valued.

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