Are My Sleeping Habits Normal or Abnormal?

How Many Hours of Sleep Should you be GettingWith all the daily demands of life, we often find ourselves begging for sleep. However, it seems that no matter how tired we are throughout the day, it is nearly impossible to actually fall asleep once it is time. As researchers are starting to belittle the need for eight hours of sleep each night, you may be wondering what constitutes normal sleep habits verses abnormal sleep habits. We have gathered all the answers to your questions regarding the normalcy of your sleep habits:

  • Our bodies each work differently and the same goes for our sleeping habits. While you may feel most satisfied with only 5 hours of sleep, others require 8 or 9. The recommended hours of sleep tend to change with each new study, so it best to listen to what your body is telling you.
  • Do not panic if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night regularly. Most people do, they just do not remember it.
  • Each hour of sleep you lose each night will have an effect on your productivity and reaction time the next day. The more hours you skip out on the direr the effects.
  • When you fail to get enough hours of sleep, your immune system suffers most. All those late nights in the office may be the reason why you have the flu.
  • There are still no answers to why oversleeping is dangerous on the body.
  • When you are awoken during the NREM cycle of sleep, you will likely feel on edge the next day. When you are awoken during the REM cycle of sleep, you will have less of a trying transition.

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