Home-Security Technology: The Future For Homeowners

Home-Security TechnologyHome Automation For Homeowners Insurance Discounts

It is no surprise that technology is the future, but what does that mean for you as a homeowner? One thing that is definite is homeowner lifestyle will become significantly more convenient. Home automation is the key to the future! Home technology allows homeowners to control various systems in their homes with the simple click of a button. While there are various types of home-security technology that you can purchase today, there are some new items on the shelves that we highly recommend you invest in.

Home-Security Technology To Purchase Today:

  • Bluetooth-Enabled Dead Bolts – Have you ever left the house wondering whether or not you remembered to lock all the doors? With Bluetooth-Enabled Dead Bolts, you can double check that your doors are locked and secure your home if you forgot to with the click of a button on your smartphone. Some companies are advancing home technology even further by allowing you to send electronic key codes to your family and friends that expire so that you can let someone in the house without having to be physically present.
  • Smart Smoke Detectors – These smart devices take their lifesaving abilities to an entirely new level. This home-security technology will alert you with colors to let you know that everything is working properly. You can even connect this home technology to your smartphone if it is Wi-Fi enabled so that you can receive text messages and voice calls during emergency situations.
  • Smart Security Camera Systems – Home technology now allows you to surveillance every inch of your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is connect your home-security technology to Wi-Fi and sync the device with all of your smart devices, including but not limited to your tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Serving San Gabriel, Westminster, and surrounding California cities, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency for all of your homeowner’s insurance needs. If you choose to install any home automation devices, feel free to give us a call and see if the enhanced safety qualifies you for a homeowners insurance discount.

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