Supplement Spring Cleaning With These Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips for SpringGet Your Home Ready For A Spring Of Fun With This Guide

Your home is likely not only your largest financial investment, but also the centerpiece for all of your family’s activities. Your house serves as the canvas across which you paint so many of your family memories, so it deserves to be protected. To help you care for your home after a winter of wear, use this spring maintenance guide.

  • Check your outside hoses to ensure that no freezing temperatures over the winter nights damaged your pipes. Turn on the hose faucet. If you can use your finger to plug it, there is a high likelihood of a leak somewhere along the pipe inside. Repair it to avoid flooding.
  • On the subject of flooding, get your home ready for the spring and summer showers. Fill low areas around your yard with compacted soil to avoid water pooling, creating prime breeding grounds for bugs on your property. Also, take a screwdriver and test the wood trim around your house by trying to insert it under the trim. If the trim pulls away, it is loose and needs to be repaired before a spring rain can damage the exposed wood.
  • Bring a heating and cooling professional to your home to perform an inspection of your home’s systems and clean them. This will help you avoid an expensive and uncomfortable summer breakdown of your air condition, and can also help lower your utility bill since cleaned coils operate most efficiently.

When paired with homeowners insurance, utilizing these maintenance tips will ensure that your home is safeguarded so it can continue to serve as your family’s anchor. While you work to physically maintain your home, make sure you are also maintaining the coverage it merits. For all of your homeowner’s insurance needs, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency serving San Gabriel, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and surrounding California cities.

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