Green Practices For Your Small Business

Green Practices for your Small BusinessTips For Going Green At Your Small Business

You care about protecting the environment, and have probably taken steps to minimize your environmental impact at home. Have you done the same at your office, though? All too many small business owners think going green will be time-intensive and expensive, and consequently avoid making changes to their business.

The good news is that shrinking your carbon footprint at work may not be as hard as you thought. Here are a few quick, cheap green practices for your small business.

  • Set Up A System: The very least you should do is set up a recycling bin at your workplace. For offices, having a designated bin for recyclable paper is especially important.
  • Cut Digital Waste: Set your computers to rely on their energy-saving settings and plug as many power sucking devices as possible into a power strip that you turn off at the end of each work day.
  • Encourage Employee Involvement: Let your team know you are hoping to go green and ask for help. You just might have a master composter or a handy electrician who can help you reduce waste without having to pay a cent!
  • Let Your Community Know: When your competitors and clients see you making moves to go green, they will be inspired to do the same! Plus, letting your clients know you care about the environment is only going to help your business.

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