Get Moving In Color At The Graffiti Run

The Graffiti Run 5K March 15thThis Local 5k Promises To Bring All Shades Of Fun

If we are really honest with ourselves, there are some times when running is simply not fun. You get sweaty. Your feet ache. Your breathing is short. All that being said (and experienced), you survive and get the inevitable runner’s high, making it all feel worth it.

The Graffiti Run aims to amp up that feeling of accomplishment, while making the run itself more bearable. This local 5k combines the energy of running events with the fun of a dance party.

Kicking off at 9:00 a.m. on March 15th from the Los Angeles Fairplex, runners (or walkers) will start in a white t-shirt. As they pass through the course, they will be covered in color during each “Graffiti Zone” until they cross the finish line after just over three miles of Technicolor wonder. Tinted in a full spectrum of bright colors, participants head to a post-race party where the colored fun will continue.

At the party, there will be great music and dancing (even not-so-great) will be encouraged. Color throws will happen every half hour or less to keep things vibrant, and “Graffiti Cannons” will shoot color periodically.

The proceeds from the race will be donated to a local charity. Get out, get moving, and get colored for a good cause at this upcoming race! Odds are, it will be the most fun, most colorful few miles of your life.

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