Getting the Right Insurance for Errors and Omissions

When it comes to owning and operating a business, there’s a lot to consider. One area people can neglect is insurance. If you have a business where an error or omission could cause a big problem, you need insurance to cover that. Aptly called errors and omissions insurance, these types of policies are business liability coverage. If you’re an insurance agent, a real estate agent, or are in any line of work where you have a significant duty to your customers, the policy can help protect you.

It covers the potential mistakes you could make by leaving something out of a contract or wording it incorrectly, which could result in someone overpaying, losing out on a piece of property, or otherwise being obligated for something they did not want or need. While this insurance won’t protect you from everything, it’s a good way to cover the most important aspects of your business, and also give your customers and clients peace of mind.

For more information about errors and omissions insurance for your business in the Westminster, CA area, contact Pulp Street Corporation today.

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