Five Reasons Why Many Car Owners Love Small Cars

Consumers trying to decide whether to buy small cars or SUVs need to weigh the pros and cons. Even those who think they need SUVs can rethink their plans and consider buying smaller station wagons. People who do not need large cars or trucks benefit from owning small cars for these reasons:

1. A small car costs less to maintain and does not have the massive fuel requirements of a larger car.

2. Fans of small cars love the fact that they can drive in heavy traffic with nearly the same nimbleness possessed by motorcycle enthusiasts. When traffic barely moves, small cars can easily find their ways through the maze.

3. It is possible to find small cars that mimic the amenities found in larger cars. For example, manufacturers now make small cars that feature heated steering wheels and warning systems that alert drivers about forward collisions.

4. It is easy to park small cars in tight spaces.

5. Small cars have lower price tags.

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