Get Ready To Fall Back! Daylight Savings Is Almost Here!

Fall Back for Daylight SavingsWinter will soon be nipping at our heels, which means that the days are going to get shorter! The sun will begin to set at an earlier time day after day, meaning we are approaching daylight savings! This year, daylight savings will be on November 2nd! On this day, we will fall back one hour until March 9th, when we will spring ahead. Here are a few daylight savings tidbits you may not have known!

  • Congress first enacted daylight savings time in the year 1918.
  • The actual hour that the time change is to occur is 2 AM.
  • The congressional rules regarding daylight savings can be found in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Pub. L. no. 109-58, 119 Stat 594 (2005).
  • There are a few locations in the United States that do not pay attention to daylight savings time. Some examples are Hawaii, and some areas in Arizona.
  • There is no international agreement regarding daylight savings time.
  • Daylight savings time was first outlined in the Standard Time Act.
  • Some states have gone back and forth regarding their use of daylight savings.
  • Since the year 2007, the start date of daylight savings has always been on the second Sunday in March, and the end date has been the first Sunday in November.

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