Essential Tips to Help You Plan the Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip

If you’re an adventurous sort of person, consider something unique for your next vacation. Instead of the usual, gather some friends – or family members, and make plans to go on the ultimate road trip – on motorcycles. Any type of trip requires some advance planning, but a motorcycle adventure requires a bit more thought because you don’t have the luxury of being able to carry a lot, and you need to take measures to keep yourself, your passengers, and other riders safe and comfortable the entire time you’re on the road. To prevent yourself from overlooking anything important, take advantage of these tips to help you as you start making plans for this exciting journey.

Questions to Ask Yourself To Help With Planning

By asking yourself some simple questions, you’ll have more to go on when figuring everything out.

  1. Where are you going?
  2. How long do you plan to be gone?
  3. Are you traveling alone? Who is going with you?
  4. What are your plans for food and lodging?
  5. Do you have adequate safety and weather protective gear?
  6. Do you have sufficient storage space to accommodate everything you’ll need?
  7. Have you mapped out a route? Have you located places where you can refuel?

Take the Time to Plan Your Route

A motorcycle trip can provide you with a unique opportunity to see some of the most scenic parts of the country. Take the time to find out what roads are safest for motorcycle riders, and what route will provide you with everything you need along the way. You don’t want to have to waste precious time looking for places to stay or eat simply because you wound up on some back country road where nothing is accessible.

Make Sure You Pack Safely

Obviously, a motorcycle has limited storage space. You may need to purchase some type of storage that can be attached to your bike. Be sure that when you do pack, you distribute weight properly so the bike isn’t unbalanced.

Essential Items to Pack

If you pack in a hurry, you’ll probably forget important things. Make a list of everything you need to pack. Some important things that should be added to that list include:

♦ Cell phone, extra batteries and cell phone charger

♦ Motorcycle repair kit

♦ Motorcycle owner’s manual

♦ Tire inflation kit

♦ Maps and/or a GPS device

♦ Emergency LED flares

♦ First Aid Kit

♦ Water, high protein and energy-rich snacks.

♦List of emergency phone numbers, including insurance company, repair places, family members.

♦Motorcycle insurance documents, registration and ownership papers, and proper identification.

Take the Time to Do a Thorough T-CLOCS Inspection

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a checklist you can download so you know exactly what you should inspect before taking any type of road trip.

T = Tires and Wheels

C = Controls

L = Lights and Electrical

O = Oil and Other Fluids

C = Chassis

S = Stands

Take the time to type up an itinerary and leave it with family members. It’s always smart to let people know where you’re going – just in case of an emergency. Also make a point of going over your motorcycle insurance to be sure you have enough coverage. You may want to increase your protection for the trip. If you’ve got a passenger on your bike, consider adding Guest Passenger Liability protection to your existing coverage. Contact the Pulp Street Corporation for time-saving help in finding the ideal coverage for your trip.

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