Can You Show Electronic Proof Of Insurance?

Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance San GabrielIs Digital Evidence Enough?

We live in the digital age. You can send money with the click of a button, shop online, lock your house from your Smartphone, and so much more. As we become an increasingly technologically advanced society, it can seem a little silly when we are required to lean on old-school methods.

Fortunately, there is one area where the law is finally catching up with the reality of the modern age. In California, drivers are able to show digital proof of insurance if they are pulled over or in an accident. That means you no longer need to be stressed that you might lose that tiny piece of paper in your glove box that has your policy number on it. Officers are now accepting official electronic proof of insurance (e.g. a PDF of your policy or digital copy of your insurance card) in lieu of the crumpled, crinkled piece of paper you previously showed.

This means that the next time you take out a new policy, you can save some paper and some effort and quickly, easily download your proof of insurance to your smartphone or tablet. Just remember that means you need to keep your device charged and at the ready when you are behind the wheel.

The law still allows for paper proof of insurance for those who are more comfortable with traditional means of verification.

Is your insurance provider making it easy for you to digitally access your insurance information to make your life easier? To work with a team that prioritizes making your life simpler, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency. We serve San Gabriel, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and all of California and can help you get the right auto insurance policy and electronic proof of it to be best protected on the road ahead.

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