Prepare Your Home for El Niño

El Nino & Homeowners Insurance San Gabriel CAThe impending El Niño could cause destruction to your home if it’s not protected.

Earlier this year, scientists predicted that there was a 90 percent chance of El Niño weather to come into effect late 2015, early 2016. This year’s particularly hot and dry summer in California has lead to stronger beliefs that the winter will be the exact opposite.

The last time El Niño events were recorded was in 1997 in which powerful storms caused roads to be washed away, railroad tracks to be flooded, homes destroyed, among seventeen deaths, and over half a billion dollars in damage in California alone. This year, El Niño is predicted to hit in late fall or early winter due to the strengthening El Niño that is termed ‘Godzilla El Niño’.

Homeowners should prepare now for what could be one of the most historic storms in Southern California.

  • Survey the health of your roof, and replace any missing slates
  • Clean the leaves from all of the rain gutters
  • Secure any patio furniture and potted plants that can be blown over by wind
  • Get a back-up generator, gas stove, and flashlight prepared in case of a power outage
  • Map out an evacuation plan and prepare an emergency kit which is easily located
  • Move valuable items from the garage floor into the rafters
  • Create a disaster supply kit with a First Aid kit, canned food, water bottles, blankets and necessities
  • Purchase flood insurance
  • Review your home insurance policy

It is to be noted that homeowners insurance does not typically cover damage due to floods. Therefore, it is important to purchase flood insurance before a storm is predicted to hit, as it typically takes 30 days to come into effect.

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