Avoiding The Danger Of Drowsy Driving

drowsing driving and auto insurance san gabrielStay Alert Behind The Wheel With This Guide

It is an unfortunately common situation. You are behind the wheel and find yourself getting drowsy. With just a few more hours until your destination, you persevere. After all, it will feel much better to sleep in your bed than in your car on the side of the road.

You may not think drowsy driving compares with other more serious driving distractions like texting and driving, but driving tired contributes to 100,000 accidents each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To help you stay alert behind the wheel, use these tips.

  • Check Yourself: Much like being safe after drinking, the best way to stay safe if you are tired is simply to not get behind the wheel. If you know you are under-slept (adults need at least seven hours), wait to drive until you have had more rest. Nothing could be so pressing that it is worth risking your life—and the lives of others.
  • Plan Your Trip: If you know you will be undertaking a long journey with possibility for drowsiness, make a game plan. Map out rest stops where you can get some shut eye, and plan shifts so passengers can sleep while one freshly rested person drives.
  • Use Technology: If you are driving at an hour when you are not usually awake, consider downloading an app on your phone that will periodically emit a loud noise. This will help you stay alert.

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