Cover Your Assets: Taking a Home Inventory

Whether you own a large mansion, a one-bedroom bungalow, or rent a home, apartment or condo – now is the perfect time to make sure your belongings are properly insured. Creating a simple home inventory of your possessions enables you track your belongings and what they are worth, making important insurance decisions, such as claims or coverage easier.

Creating a home inventory

  • Group your belongings into logical categories. For example, by type, size, by room contents or by value. Include valuable purchases such as art or jewelry, as well as entertainment systems and electronics, and hobby and leisure items such as guitars, sports equipment, tools and holiday decorations.
  • Round up copies of the original sales receipts and any appraisal documents, and make sure to list model and serial numbers on the documents.
  • Document each item by photographing or videotaping. Include a description detailing the age of the item, when it was purchased, how much was paid, and its current estimated value.
  • Store your completed home inventory and relevant documents in a safe, easily accessible place such as a safe deposit box, or online on your computer. Share copies with your insurance provider and friends or relatives.

Download a home inventory app

  • For Android® users, consider downloading the myHOME home inventory app. This app allows you to capture serial numbers, descriptions and images of your belongings, then organize them by category or room.
  • iPhone® users will enjoy the myHOME downloadable. This easy to use app allows you to take photos and create descriptions of your belongings. Information is then stored electronically.

For more information about how homeowners and renters insurance coverage can protect your home and possessions, contact the California insurance experts at Pulp Street Corporation.

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