College Funding Starts Now

College is expensive and saving for college is a long-term project which requires careful planning and asset negotiation.  If you haven’t started to save for your child’s college education, consider this your wake up call.

College funding is a treacherous slope of loans, scholarship, and many many zeros.  Did you know that (provided the annual price increase of private universities remains constant), the cost of a four-year college education experience for a child born in 2013 would total $483,235?  That’s $120,810 per year!  And it’s not exactly something you’ll find between the couch cushions.

But even if you have started saving, what happens if calamity strikes your family?  Sudden death, household fire, or any number of statistically probable accidents could put a hitch in your plans.  Suddenly, that college savings fund will look like an attractive backup for your immediate needs.  But with some careful planning, this doesn’t have to be you.  Consider what insurance policies you can put in place now to protect your family, home, auto, business, and that coveted future for your children.

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