Choosing and Using the Right Safety Gear

Whether you are working on a project for your home or out on a job site, you need to use the right safety gear. It only takes an extra minute to put on safety glasses, work gloves or boots. Unfortunately, it takes even less time for an accident to occur and the results can last a lifetime.

Around the Home

Safety glasses are recommended for the majority of home repair projects. Wrap-around styles offer added protection from dust and debris. Remember to use the glasses, they offer no protection if they are on your workbench.

Do not use open-toe shoes or sandals for yard work or repair projects. Lawn mowers and trimmers can cause damage to your feet. You can also break bones if you drop heavy items while working.

Job Site Safety Gear

Follow the safety requirements that apply to your work site. Safety glasses and solid shoes are normally required. Hard hat and ladder regulations are not suggestion and these rules are not designed to annoy you. Job site injuries can be reduced by using your safety gear they way it is intended to be used.

Using the right safety gear will go a long way towards preventing accidents. Pulp Street Corporation offers insurance solutions for homeowners and businesses. Contact Pulp Street today to see the many options available to you.

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